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outlet for the sigh

I stood by the balcony, watching as the street lights came flickering on, I couldn't see much of what was happening below me. Everyone just appeared as tiny little multi-coloured dots. Every time I manage to haul myself out the door, I notice that the street grows older, and older. Not just the street, even the people. Nowadays, everyone who walks down this path is in a rush, too busy to stop for a chat. I remember how lively and noisy it was a few years back. The air was filled with the noise of gossiping ladies with bright red lips, the huff and puff of a retired businessman and he inhales and exhales his cigarette, the screaming of young children, the bark and yaps of poodles, the clanking of dishes at a restaurant at lunchtime. All the life, has slowly withered away now.

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